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Your train tracks are old, they are not a great fit for the new locomotive and wagons, and so you’re being left out of the route.From a business point of view this is nothing short of a complete nightmare. There is nothing wrong with Google being your main source of traffic, but you should never allow it to be your only source of traffic.People now shop using literally dozens of channels at the same time, and they are interested in brands that actually focus on finding them and presenting their product and services in a way that works best for the user.

The same article claims that email is still one of the most effective channels in terms of revenue generation. Even though this seems a bit far-fetched to those who invest in pay-per-click, running effective PPC campaigns can still help you get a lot of value for your money.These can easily be converted into leads, fans, and followers..If you invest some serious thought into their design, these landing pages will talk directly to each kind of visitor you get, regardless of which traffic source they’re coming from.They’re all looking for visits from people who pose a high potential for becoming their paying customers, users, or shoppers.They want to keep bringing audiences to the site that are actually interested in what their brand has to offer.

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