Widmer validating machines

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Fast, reliable and accurate data capture and processing of its time and attendance information can save labor and production dollars. Product line Introducing Time Guardian Pro -the next generation in time & attendance.Amano leverages it’s vast industry experience and expertise with new technology and product innovations. Rapidprint has bee a leader in the development and manufacture of automatic time, date and number stamping machines for over 60 years.The History of Widmer Time Recorder In 1933, Jack and Helen Widmer established Widmer Time Recorder in a small 8′ X 24′ facility in New York City.The company had its beginnings in the repair of time stamps used by brokerage houses to time stock transactions, and banks for validating deposit tickets.Due to our strong working relationship with the Manufacturers of our products, we can always guarantee supply of genuine and reliable spare parts.In fact, most pf our competitors buy their spares from us.The easy-change ribbons advance and reverse automatically and solid brass typewheels provide superior imprint quality.All of the components are housed in a rugged die-cast case equipped with a sturdy lock to prevent tampering.

These specialized machines from Rapidprint are designed for validating bank documents.This model prints the teller number or other relevant identification with the time and date. Our electronic date time stamper machines are a must-have for your office.Since then, we have expanded into manufacturing and increased world-wide distribution capabilities to include a broad range of products and services.Widmer Time Recorder is a family business, and is proud to say we are now in our fourth generation.

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