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Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate. Can't argue against his numbers and his skills, but he's not the MOST Valuable Player.He's not even the MVP of his own team - you could make a real strong case for Gasol as the most valuable Laker. If Kobe isn't on the Lakers, they're in the hunt for the playoffs.The little things that he does(leading the team in steals, shooting the most Fts at a high %, always taking on the top scorer from the other team).Kobe has never gotten much credit for being the best defender on that team because everyone falls in love with his 81 potential.I sometimes don't pay attention to my TV while I'm online, and of course it stays on ESPN... By the way, it's funny - the best guest in the history of his show (besides the time he got his a** kicked, of course) and it's not even football season. But when you talk about MVP of the league, if he wasn't good enough to win it all the years that he led th league in numbers, how can the league justify honouring him once his numbers dropped.but as soon as his show comes on, my ears start to burn from the sound of his condescending, egomaniac voice. I'd rather watch freaking oxygen channel - I don't care. Lol, Tomlisnson was on there plugging a Campbell's Soup commercial. It's basically a 180-degreee about-face from how they didn't give Steve Nash his third consecutive MVP because his numbers weren't as good as those who won the award three times in a row before him (Larry Bird and Bill Russell).

Lebron for statistics and Kobe for all around play.

If Paul isn't playing for the Hornets, they're a bottom dwelling team without a snowballs chance in Hell of even sniffing the Playoffs.

I guess it was Kobe's "turn", as some A Hole on the Jim "I suck at my job" Rome Show just said.

I question your knowledge of basketball, Kobe does deserve this MVP award. As for the it's his turn debate, yeah he got alot of votes because of the fact that he is Kobe.

If Kobe wasn't with this team there is no chance that they would have made the playoofs, and to say look at what Gasol did.... A few years back 90% of the fan votes believed Kobe deserved the MVP trophy only to be stunned to see KG win it.

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