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There is no use blaming only the coaches or even the most obsessed parents. Clubs should monitor their volunteers more closely and give them consistent big-picture advice.Junior leagues need to do more than talk about fairness; they should demand the Fun Coach approach be compulsory for all.In short, he understands children play sport for fun and to be with their friends, and treats them with the respect they deserve.Luckily, both of my active eight- and 10-year-old sons have more than one Fun Coach; their Australian rules and basketball mentors are experienced ex-players - passionate, caring and organised.My son's soccer team seems to have worked it out, writes Paul Kennedy.It's a trend that mirrors what's happening in other countries with similarly over-the-top attitudes to youth competitions.He explains: There is nothing more heart warming than one kid trying to show another kid how to kick. Groups of kids, often strangers, just helping each other out ... My boys are playing in this sporting sweet spot, which doesn't last long.Games are often coached differently from ages 11-15 - the drop out zone - due to the emergence of Blinkered Coach, who dreams of winning premierships or developing champions, forgetting the merits of participation.

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After the final whistle is blown, he gives awards for effort.One of them is also school principal by the name of Steve Capp.Steve knows that focussing on participation causes children to develop impressive qualities of leadership and empathy through collaboration.Most parents don't know what to say to their unhappy, under-developed children so they offer unwanted performance critiques in the car on the way home. Blinkered Coach is usually passionate and well meaning and so cannot understand why many of the players don't come back every year.Eventually, their sons and daughters just don't want to do it anymore. Simply, it is because the children are being treated with unequal respect.

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