Stop quickbooks from updating

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If we tell Lacerte to suspend the update until later, what do miss?The program also seems to be sluggish while it waits to update.The executable files (including their normal folder locations) are: Start with the computer hosting the company file and proceed to each workstation in turn, completing the steps outlined below on each computer. To learn more, see reviews below or submit your own.Please send program updates in the middle of the morning (4 AM Pacific) so that we can upload updates first thing in the morning.Thank you for your Lacerte feedback and recommendation to not update Lacerte during business hours.

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The rep quoted per month for 12 months, to be increased to per month after that.

We only have one user at a very small business, so it seemed expensive, but we figured it would be the best solution.

The availability of an update will not affect your performance.

The easiest option for you might be to turn off the automatic updates and just check periodically manually, like Friday evenings when everyone is finished. product=LACERTE_TAX&id=GEN71677 To change the automatic scheduler,

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