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Furthermore, Germany dramatically increased its military output from the early 1900s up to the outbreak of World War I.

Under a new “Prussian-German” empire, the German government worked to increase the nation's wealth and reach what was then the zenith of German power.

The emergence of the German Empire as a world power and the humiliating defeat in 1905 of Russia by a nascent Asian power, the Empire of Japan, in the Russo-Japanese War, helped to persuade some British and Russian officials of a need to resolve their respective differences in Asia.

On May 20, 1882, Germany entered into the Triple Alliance with Italy and Austria-Hungary, complementing its industrial and socio-political climb in the world arena.

Major figures in the revolution had secular goals, which then created rifts in the clergy to the advantage of the monarchy.

Neither Britain nor Russia approved of the new liberal, unstable, political arrangement, as preferred a stable puppet government that submitted to foreign concessions and worked well with their imperialist goals.

The agency is what is known in Russia as a “troll farm,” a nickname given to outfits that operate armies of sock-puppet social-media accounts, in order to create the illusion of a rabid grass-roots movement.

Iranian nationalists, in particular, felt betrayed by Britain, a country they had idealized as a democratic beacon during the Constitutional Revolution.For Britain and Russia, the agreement was important in establishing a diplomatic alignment that endured until World War I.The government of Iran, however, had not been consulted about the agreement; it was informed after the fact.While Britain and Russia were skeptical of Germany's imperialistic motives, members of the Triple Alliance were in turn somewhat threatened by Britain's and Russia's aggressive foreign policy tactics and wealth derived from their colonies.Thus, military and territorial expansion was Germany's key to making itself a major player in the international arena of power.

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