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: The judges declared a tie between Rami and Chris, and asked each to design a collection for Bryant Park; one of the two would be chosen to show at Bryant Park Fashion Week based on his three strongest pieces : Cheron, Anna Lita, Marie, and Jacqueline were used in this challenge to show off the designers' strongest pieces of their collection.However, they will not be in contention for the finale win.The new outfit must incorporate aspects of the now-thin woman's personality, as well as the designer's own style.Each designer is given to use for additional materials. Designers and Clients: Designers are to create a garment using any materials that were available at the Hershey's store in Times Square, New York City.

Tim Gunn, chief creative officer at Liz Claiborne, Inc., again acts as a mentor to the contestants.

They are given a budget of 0 and two days to create this look.

The following day, each team is asked to create another, simpler, ready-to-wear outfit which embodies the "essence" of the avant-garde look they have been working on.

Each designer is randomly paired with another designer and asked to select a team leader.

Each team is asked to create an avant-garde outfit based on inspiration from their models' hair styles.

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