Parenting teenage daughter dating

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Take Shane Clift, 15, of San Diego, California, who regularly uploads -inspired skits on You Tube."Posting videos has taught him editing and artistic skills," says his mom, Natalie Wilson."Explain to your daughter why you feel she's too young to date. "It allows her to learn what she is and isn't comfortable with when it comes to boys, in a safe, supportive setting," says Dr. Before you let her head off to the mall or movies with her crew, however, think about how well you trust her.However, if you're comfortable with the boy she likes, tell her it's OK to invite him over to hang out in a public part of the house—not her bedroom—when you or your husband are home," says Dr. After all, she and the boy she likes could easily sneak off for some alone time. "Talk about what might happen and what she can do to stay safe." You'll help her understand what can go wrong if she sneaks off with him, but also arm her with ways to get out of a tricky situation if she does. You're supposed to be at least 13 to join, but even then your child may not be ready. Kids' brains haven't caught up to the responsibilities of using technology.A kid with 500 'friends' is more common than you think." But big numbers like that should be a red flag to parents."How you answer these types of questions tells you whether he can be trusted to follow your rules," says Dr. If you do think your child is mature enough to join Facebook, be prepared to become a member, too (if you're not one already)."Sign up kids ages 13 and 14 yourself, and keep the password so they can't access the account without you," advises Kathryn Rose, a social media expert and author of . That way you can check on postings and conversations, says Jeffrey Jensen Arnett, Ph D, professor of psychology at Clark University in Worcester, Massachusetts, who also advises setting time limits.

He still gets to share his creativity—just with a more limited audience.

If she consistently follows through, chances are she's ready for group dating, says Dr. And though it will be up to you to determine when she's ready for one-on-one dating, experts like Dr.

Cohen-Sandler believe 16 is often an appropriate age.

Another bonus: Shane and his friends often spend hours developing their skits, which is a welcome change from time spent glued to the TV or video games.

Still, even if your child's videos are strictly creative and not dangerous (like footage of your son leaping off the garage onto a trampoline or your daughter dancing provocatively), you want to set clear guidelines.

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