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He spent another 00 (£3000) on a week’s visit to Odessa.He hoped his trip would mean he could meet the two women and pick the one he liked best, but when he got there neither of the women answered his telephone calls and he never got to meet either of them.Todd did at least get a date, if you remember Peter never even got a date from his trip to the Ukraine.The reporter was able to unravel what was really happening by talking to one of the Ukrainian girls involved in the scam.The girl broke down and admitted that he was right but she needed the money to support her mother.She said that many of the girls spent hours chatting to men on the phone in order to make money.At the end of the Ukrainian visit experience many of the men are sent off to the airport broken with a heart, an empty wallet and no Ukrainian wife.

The scams the reporter uncovered surprised and concerned him!

The men and their dates can be seen in restaurants and bars all across the city, sometimes in the company of interpreters, but are the girls for real, do they really want to marry and move to the west or are they just stringing the guys along, getting them to spend their hard earned money, secretly knowing the relationship is leading nowhere.

A reporter from the UK’s Guardian newspaper traveled to the Ukraine with 29 of the hopeful western men to see how they got on and also speak to some of the Ukrainian girls.

The internet romance industry in the Ukraine is going from strength to strength, men for all over the world are looking on the internet to meet girls looking for love and a new life in the west.

The men are spending thousands, but their is growing evidence that the girls are not all genuine and the Ukrainian romance business could be a scam The Ukrainian city of Odessa is the center of the “international date” or “looking for a Ukrainian bride” business, the city is peppered with men from all over the world who have traveled to the city to meet a prospective wife they have met on a .

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