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For the automaker teams that engineer, develop, and tweak the Chevrolet Camaro and the Ford Mustang, the pony-car war is a seemingly endless, seesawing conflagration conducted with an intensity bordering on religious fervor.The objectives are simple: outgun the opposition on the road and annihilate them on the sales front.It doesn’t jam you into the seatback with the low-rpm gut punch of the Camaro SS and its substantially larger V-8; the Mustang’s power comes on more like a Porsche’s, building steadily and ever more ferociously.Ford claims that the Mustang GT is now capable of sub-four-second lunges to 60 mph when equipped with the new-for-2018 10-speed automatic.

Clamp down on the throttle and the GT accelerates with a smile-inducing rush.about adding to the story at one point but ultimately never did.Unlike All There in the Manual, however, this new information is not released as Word of God with the intention of being added to the Canon.Thundering along Mulholland Highway and Latigo Canyon Road, the GT was impressive in its impassiveness.Steering feel is a bit distant, but it dives for the corners with razor-sharp precision and scythes through bends with zero drama.

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