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The couple who live together and began dating after Izzy lent her violin skills to Mc Fly's 2005 concert tour spoke about taking their relationship to the next level after Judd was named king of the dance floor at the end of last year.HE shot to fame for being one of four stars in boy band Mc Fly and Harry Judd has undertaken many exciting ventures since.he's co-written 'I'll Be OK' 'Please, Please' 'Star Girl' 'Transylvania'Silence is a scary soundignorance And I'm sure many more because Dougie is super AMAZING! i saw a picture of Dougie and Harry with another lady(maybe harry's girlfriend) and they were smoking. But I do wish that none of them smoked     Dougie and harry defiantly smoke         ACTUALLY Only Harry smokes. Harry turned his skills from the drums to the dance floor when he took part in Strictly Come Dancing in 2011.He was partnered with professional dancer Aliona Vilani, where his impressive footwork saw him place in the top half of the leaderboard each week.

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He was a talented cricketer when he studied at boarding school Uppingham School in Rutland but later gave it up to pursue his main passion, music.

They shot to fame after Busted invited them on tour in 2004.

Later the same year, Mc Fly got a Guinness World Record, beating the Beatles to “the youngest band to have a debut album go straight to number one” and they ended up winning a Brit Award for Best British Pop Act in 2005.

Mc Fly are a British boy band that started in 2003. as far as im aware,and im a massive Mc Fly fan and have been from day 1,...

They consist of Danny Jones, Tom Fletcher, Dougie Poynter and Harry Judd. It looks like they do, all you see is Tom get bitten by the cleaning girl and a vampire sneak up on Danny in the car.

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