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Audiences are instead forced to sit through a nasty romp – a drug and alcohol binge that goes on and on, and rarely garners any real laughs.

And he wasn’t alone.“No generation has ever been as culturally integrated as this one,” he told the audience, explaining that young people no longer think about music — or human beings — in terms of genre.It's a messy drama though, with little focus, too much improv, bad pacing (especially the longer extended cut) and two leads who'd be much better in the backseat. With a flawless 1080p AVC encode and lively DTS-HD 5.1 mix in tow, the film looks and sounds positively gorgeous.And, as usual with Apatow pictures, the film comes packed with a revolving door of extras including the theatrical and extended version of the film, a delightful commentary track featuring both cast and crew, documentaries, deleted scenes, alternate scenes, improv bits, featurettes, faux documentaries, karaoke and more.Greek Fire formed in 2008 by members of Story of the Year and Maybe Today and consists of Moon Valjean (lead vocals, piano, rhythm guitar), Ryan Phillips(lead guitar), Mark Joseph Roth(bass, backup vocals), and Johnny Venus(drums).supporting player Aldous Snow (comedian Russell Brand), a drugged-out rocker who must travel from England to perform an anniversary concert at The Greek in L. He's paired with Jonah Hill, another performer best known for his supporting work.

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