Dating culture in burma

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More than half a million Rohingya have fled across the border to Bangladesh since late August.

’”This happened more than 500 miles from western Rakhine state where Burma’s army is ethnically cleansing Rohingya Muslims in response to what it calls terror attacks.

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“The police were saying to the driver: ‘Why did you bring these Bengalis? The army says its actions are a response to attacks against police outposts on Aug.

He only found out about the new travel restrictions, he said, when a Muslim friend confronted him brandishing a copy of the announcement and asked, “What’s this?

”Did the MP, who appeared more tolerant than many, think travel restrictions against Muslims in the name of security were fair?

The military’s clearance operations in Rakhine have received popular support inside Buddhist-majority Burma despite condemnation from abroad.

That has emboldened Buddhist extremists around the country to push forward with local, apartheid-style policies against Muslims.

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