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Jailing Rogers for three years, Judge Christopher Elwen said his offencewas "mean-spirited wicked and ruthless".

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Within a month he was persuading her to give him her bank card and credit card.

Scroll down for more ..."She went along with it because she felt lonely, had no other friends and did not want to lose him," prosecutor Philip Lee told Truro Crown Court."She did not have spare money. She attempted to overdose three or four times due to the stress of the accruing debts on his behalf."The court heard that Rogers, from St Columb Major, near Newquay, also conned a childhood friend, Anna Pipe, by telling her he needed money aftergetting a girl pregnant. Jeremy Leaning, defending, said Rogers wa s "hopelessly" addicted to cocaineand would do anything to fund his habit.

22% of the total Internet audience went to Facebook in December.

A conman fleeced a bedridden stranger out of thousands and drove her to attempt suicide after targeting her through the My Space networking website.

Frazer Rogers contacted Alison Eyers, 23, who suffers from intracranial hypertension, a swelling of the brain.

I'm Grateful, arrogant self centred, tenacious, versatile, honest, honourable, loyal, loving, gentle, consistent, reliable, focussed, prideful, passionate and nuts.

I have a head like a disco ball, if I say I'll do something, unless I absolutely can't it gets done, I never give up on humanity, I love people. I am reactionary but I have learned to hold my tongue and my trigger finger.

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