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Officials have confirmed that Marilou Danley, 62, who lived with Paddock in Mesquite, was in the Philippines on Sunday, it was not known whether the money was for her or another purpose.

At a press conference, Las Vegas Sheriff Joseph Lombardo named Ms Danley as a “person of interest.” Investigators had been speaking with Ms Danley prior to her arrival from the Philippines and say, “we anticipate some information from her shortly." There were also reports that Paddock had gambled with at least 0,000 in recent weeks in Las Vegas casinos - with 16 separate reports of ,000 being withdrawn or deposited in a day, with some days showing multiple transactions.

“And we’ll be talking about gun laws as time goes on.

But I do have to say, how quickly the police department was able to get in was really very much of a miracle.

“I anticipate he was looking for anybody coming to take him into custody,” Mr Lombardo said of the cameras.

“The fact that he had the type of weaponry and amount of weaponry in that room, it was preplanned extensively,” the sheriff added, “and I'm pretty sure he evaluated everything that he did and his actions, which is troublesome.” Mr Lombardo said he is “absolutely” confident authorities will find out what motivated Paddock, but the investigation is proceeding cautiously in case criminal charges are warranted against someone else.

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While some mentioned “suspicious activity”, others were simply currency transaction reports that casinos are obliged to file when a customer withdraws or deposits more than ,000 in cash.

In the 1970s and '80s, he worked as a mail carrier and an IRS agent and held down in an auditing division of the Defense Department, according to the government. He had no known criminal record, and public records showed no signs of financial troubles, Nevada's Gaming Control Board said it will pass along records compiled on Paddock and his girlfriend to investigators.

His brother, Eric, has also been unable to provide any genuine insight into what led to the attack.

“This investigation is not ended with the demise of Mr. “Did this person get radicalised unbeknownst to us?

And we want to identify that source.” Reuters said one senior US homeland security official said there were no evidence that Paddock had links to international or domestic terror groups.

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