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The incident apparently triggered anger among the local Muslim residents who gathered and mobbed the toll station on China's 205 National Highway and caused traffic congestion.Various You Tube videos believed to be of the riot showed furious Hui protesters throwing rock towards SWAT officers who were armed with shields.

Online accounts said the group claimed they were allowed to do so because they had religious privilege, according to

A separate statement from Guye District said an argument broke out between Yang and a toll gate worker, named Wang Hao, who hit Yang in the head.

A woman travelling with Yang was said to sustain nose bleeding.

Angry Muslim residents in Tangshan, northern China's Hebei Province, apparently gathered at Pingwali Toll Station after hearing about the incident and wanted to demand justice.

The protesters also demanded the armed SWAT officers, who were sent to control the situation, kneel in front of during the riot, according to a You Tube video shared by Radio Free Asia.

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