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When you create a sandbox environment like this, you can only expect people to do things like that. If you enjoy those places, and you're over 18, more power to you. THat place has taught me more about coding and 3D modeling than any book or website ever has.

It's a little thing called common sense, people. You learn how to avoid its' bad places and whatnot.

The ransomware notes have a long list of translated letters.

There is a teen grid with heavy restrictions on creations for younger folks who want to still get in on the good side of SL and personally I would rather join that if it weren't for my already successful business in the mainland programs and houses.

And yeah, there are a lot of horrible things on it. In the three years I've played, I can now create fully functioning AI, model an entire character, animation and all, and more.

He’s amassed 15 years of industry experience and has held various positions from management to data recovery engineer at Proven Data Recovery.

I had no friends, had depression, low self esteem, and was one of those mature looking, but inside very impressionable kids. I've told my parents about this and they've uninstalled it from my computer, but I know how to work a computer and how to hide the application from my parents. I'd like to open a window of truth on this progressive technological platform. I currently parent my nephew who is disabled and has very little access to the real world due to severe agoraphobia and cervical contortion. Second Life really is what it sounds like, it's not a game, it's not a website.

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